Reading became like the new person in the village. He is naturally quiet and because of that, many rumors circulate around him. Some are wrong and some are right, but they all have in common the lack of any basis of experience to back them up. We often say that reading is boring, or that I don't know how to choose my book, or that I don't have the talent for reading. But is this real? In this article, we will analyze all these common sayings about reading and find solutions to them. Then we will go around searching together for your first book, and finally we will talk a little about some of the obstacles you may face and how you will overcome them.


Reading: talent, hobby or habit:

  One of the first obstacles you may encounter is the saying, “I wish I had the gift of reading.” This saying is the first concrete wall you build between you and the book. With this idea, you are telling yourself that reading is not for everyone. But in reality, "reading is not a talent at all. Rather, it is a habit that we develop to become a hobby." No one is born either loving or not reading. But we learn to love reading from a young age. Hence, we acquire the habit of reading whenever we practice it, and reading becomes part of our identity. Or we can learn it when we grow up (and here this article is important for you) to learn to acquire the habit of reading. For some people, their passion for reading stops when they acquire a habit, but for others, their relationship with books develops into their hobby and reading becomes part of their identity.


Now that we have demolished this high wall. Let's dust off your books while we talk about some of the excuses that may hold us back. Some people face various challenges with reading, such as:


• Motivation: Why did you choose to read? Is it because you want to become like someone you look up to? Or to create an image for your friends? If these are your reasons, then you are taking the first step towards failure. Your motivation for reading should be a very personal one. Acquiring the habit of reading is usually linked to need. What is your need? Are you a mother and want to know more about your child and how to raise him in the best way? Or are you someone who wants to visit other worlds and relax? Or are you someone who always likes to learn more? Or have you heard about a topic and want to gain deeper knowledge about it? The first step in acquiring the habit of reading is to be the motivation, not anything or someone else.

• Reason for choice: Here to think together. Why are you holding this particular book? Is it because one of your friends recommended it to you? Or because you have to read it for your studies? Or because the outer cover is attractive? Or because it's the best seller? As we said in motivation. I encourage you to make sure that the reason for choosing the book stems from a need you have. To begin with (especially if you are having trouble reading) you should choose a book whose subject matter you need, and at that stage curiosity will not be enough. With time you will get bored. But the need will form a strong internal motivation that will push you to continue and find creative solutions.

• I don't have time: Often the strongest excuse is lack of time. With our busy days and life's many demands, it is easy to find no time to sit quietly and enjoy a book. So let's agree on a new rule, "If you can't find the time, create it." First, choose a relaxed half hour of your day and start reading at that time. If you are not sure what time is right for you, try and evaluate. The best time for you might be in the morning while you're sipping a cup of tea, or at night after you've finished all your work. Try and you will find a time that suits your unique life.

• Concentration: I often heard, “I can’t concentrate on reading for a long time, so what should I do?” Concentration is like any muscle in our body. We can exercise it, and as we give it time, it will grow and become stronger. It takes patience. But if you follow yourself, you will find that you can focus better every day. Follow this series of articles and I will share with you some practical ideas to increase your focus.

Thank you for your patience and helping me tear down that cement wall and dust off our thoughts about reading. Now we can go on a visit to the library and buy your first book. In the following article, we will talk together about the steps to researching your first book

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