Liza Van der Linde

English! It’s Fun: Teacher’s Guide1


This first level of English It's Fun is just a start of learning a second language. The program starts with getting used to a second language and building vocabulary, first understanding, then speaking. The skills and creativity of the teacher are the key for success. The right guidance of the children is the secret to teach them a second language.

    Rollo May

    Psychology and the Human Dilemma


    There is a common theme linking these studies this topic comes from the depth and diversity and richness of human nature from the side, and the other side also stems from humans and worthlessness in this nature.
    In this book by Rollo May discusses some of the characteristics of human nature and human under the title of "problematic".

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    Henry Cloud& John Townsend

    Boundaries With Kids Work Book


    Boundaries with Kids will help you: Recognize the boundary issues underlying child behavior problems Set boundaries and establish consequences with your kids Get out of the "nagging" trap Stop controlling your kids—and instead help them develop self-control Apply the ten laws of boundaries to parenting Take six ...