History & Criticism

Michelle P. Brown

The Companion To Christian Art


Christianity has been a central force in the shaping of western culture. It is not surprising, therefore, that the greatest artists down the centuries have sought to paint its story. This book tells the history of Christian art, exploring the purpose behind the masterpieces and looking at the context in which they were created. The modern secular reader who feels detached from the meaning of the paintings will be helped to understand their emotional as well as their asethetic power. And the Christian reader will be encouraged to explore further the wonder and beauty of the Christian cultural legacy. The book includes a final chapter on the way modern artists are continuing and changing the legacy.

    Dr. David Burnett

    The Spirit of China: The roots of faith in 21st century China


    Burnett explores the influences of Buddhism, Confucianism, and the Jesuits; he looks at the Ming Dynasty and the rise of the Manchus; he assesses the motivations behind Mao, Deng Xaio-Ping, and the current communist and commercial regime. Why is an atheistic leadership seeing a widespread religious revival of several faiths? What is the future of religion in China? A wide-ranging introduction to the ideas, beliefs, and conflicting visions that have shaped modern China.

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    Ronald E. Heine

    Reading the Old Testament with the Ancient Church: Exploring the Formation of Early Christian Thought


    The contemporary church dismisses Christianity's foundational Scriptures at its own peril. However, the teachings of the Old Testament are less and less at the center of congregational preaching and conversation. The early church fathers visionaries such as Augustine, Origen, and Tertullian embraced the Hebrew Scriptures, allowing the Old Testament to play a central role in the formation...

      Daniel J. Estes



      In this commentary, Daniel J. Estes provides carefully organized guidance for interpreting, teaching, and illustrating the important truths found in Job.

        Lee Strobel

        The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus



        Is there credible evidence that 
        Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God?

        Retracing his own spiritual journey from atheism to faith, Lee Strobel, former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune, cross-examines a dozen experts with doctorates who are specialists in the areas of old manuscripts, textual criticism, and biblical studies.