Ben Forman

Kids' Skills in Action: A Solution-focused method for coaching children to overcome difficulties


Kids'Skills is a revolutionary solution-focused method for helping children overcome all types of emotional and behavioral difficulties. The method has been developed in Finland by a team consisting of kindergartens teachers and psychotherapists. It is simple, child-friendly, easy to learn and fun to use. A perfect method for teachers, therapists, but also for parents to use at home. The author of the book, Dr. Ben Furman, is an internationally renowned psychiatrist who has been teaching Kids'Skills in many countries around the world.

    Henry Cloud& John Townsend

    Boundaries With Kids Work Book


    Boundaries with Kids will help you: Recognize the boundary issues underlying child behavior problems Set boundaries and establish consequences with your kids Get out of the "nagging" trap Stop controlling your kids—and instead help them develop self-control Apply the ten laws of boundaries to parenting Take six ...