Daniel J. Estes



In this commentary, Daniel J. Estes provides carefully organized guidance for interpreting, teaching, and illustrating the important truths found in Job.

    Edward M. Curtis

    Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs


    How do we find meaning in life when it seems futile and meaningless? Ecclesiastes takes readers on a journey pondering this timeless question, and this commentary helps set the book within a biblical worldview in order to help teachers communicate and apply the profound truths of Ecclesiastes today.

      Paul Tillich

      The Religious Situation


      It is not a book about the religion of the churches but an effort to interpret the whole contemporary situation from the point of view of one who constantly inquires what fundamental faith is expressed in the forms which civilization takes.

        REV. P. POURRAT

        Christian Spirituality Volume 3: Later Developments: From the Renaissance to Jansenism


        This volume begins with the Renaissance and ends with Jansenism, covering- from the middle of the fifteenth to the middle of the seventeenth century. It takes in the great schools of spirituality of French Schools.

        With the exception of the Salesian School, the others are divided between the great Catholic nations which filled the political stage of Europe during that period : Spain, Italy, and France. 

          Philip Yancey

          The Jesus I Never Knew


           In this book I emphasize the relational and personal rather than the scholarly.  Who was this man Jesus?  What was he like?  No one who meets Jesus ever stays the same.