Megahed Abd Elmonim Mogahed

Moons above the family tree: Vol. 2


I am drawn to the poem of the poet, a man from the inside, an ulterior motive .. I turn it in my hands with joy, like a strange-wing butterfly ... as a wild flower that opened in a polar or tropical climate ... its aesthetic atoms smash each other and ignite letters and light up the breaks..and he digs his way with his ribs, nails and feathers of his eyelids . Nizar Qabbani

    Ashraf Dagher

    Concluded Speech


    ÙابحÙر بتتÙاحÙ 
    Ù٠دÙÙا اÙعاشÙ
    ÙÙ ÙÙ Ùحظة Ø´ÙÙد
    ÙÙجÙØ© بÙسابÙ
    ÙÙر اÙÙÙا٠عÙÙÙ